Good Shepherd Catholic School

School Song


Good Shepherd, show us how to love,
Fill our lives with faith,
Help us learn to follow in your ways.
Good Shepherd, help us live your love, as together we learn each day,
We believe that we can reach the stars,
The Good Shepherd way.


We come together to laugh, to work, to play,
We come to celebrate and pray,
We respect each other in all we do and say,
Jesus the Good Shepherd leads the way.


We come together as one big family,
Where everyone is precious in God's heart,
We live our lives in peace and harmony,
Jesus the Good Shepherd lights the path.


We share God's beauty from Mt Stuart to the sea,
As we stand between the Bohle and the Ross,
We proudly wear our colours: blue and gold and green,
As we stand beneath the stars of the Southern Cross


Principal: Ms Glenda Scrase 

65 Allambie Lane
Rasmussen Qld 4815

P: (07) 4774 0477
F: (07) 4774 0023

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We are in week 2 of term 4
There are 9 weeks in Term 4