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Assessment identifies growth in student learning and focuses on student demonstration of outcomes whilst also catering for the diverse needs of all learners.

Assessment is an integral part of the planning, teaching and learning process. It is comprehensive, valid and reliable. The data collected assists in identifying areas of strength and weaknesses to guide further learning.


Teachers prepare a written report for each student (Prep to Year 6) at the end of each semester (twice a year). 

The Semester 1 report is delivered to parents/carers when they attend an interview with the class teacher towards the end of Term 2.  The Semester 2 report is distributed to families via the students on the Monday of the last week of Term 4.

Teachers will be pleased to discuss a child's progress at any time during the year.  It is best to arrange an appointment for these meetings. 

Parents are encouraged to attend parent information sessions at the beginning of Term One to familiarize themselves with an overview of the year's work.  Other parent information sessions may also be offered during the year.  These sessions will provide details of activities and projects being undertaken within the teaching-learning environment as well as to ensure there is consistency of information for the student between school and home.


Principal: Ms Glenda Scrase 

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